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Photos from the southwestern U.S., including Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.
Lower Antelope Canyon PerforationLower Antelope Canyon SlotSandstone Protrusions, Lower Antelope CanyonWaves of Sandstone, Lower Antelope CanyonColor Channel, Lower Antelope CanyonColor Layers, Lower Antelope CanyonHorseshoe Bend, ArizonaUtah HoodooSandstone Detail, Waterhole CanyonNarrow Passageway, Lower Antelope CanyonLight Through the Narrows, Lower Antelope CanyonSandstone Shelves, Waterhole CanyonSandstone Slot, Waterhole CanyonWater-Carved Landscape Near Dead Horse PointThe River Bends at Dead Horse PointDead Horse Point, UtahSunrise Through Mesa Arch, Canyonlands NPWindow to the Sky at Chaco CanyonDoorways at Chaco Canyon RuinsMoonrise at Arches NP